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Great we have some one who is interested in knowing more about this blog titled – (“Sewing Machine Repair Book“). We are happy you visited this page because there is a lot of hard work involved behind every page on this blog and we like to share a few good things with you guys.

First introduction to the blog, it was started in the year 2013 (not very old we are still young but growing) hope we cater to everyone out there who are interested to learn how to sew with some good repair tips included and each article has something to offer to every individual reading them. Not many websites out there have covered topics like troubleshooting sewing machines.

We encourage anybody out there to come over and write for us and make this a better place for others to browse information regarding sewing.

We always welcome for suggestions or any changes that you might want to see on this blog (change is always good right). This site is meant to address the basic needs of beginners who like to know more about sewing and maintenance. There are many categories arranged for you to easily access our blog without any problem.

You can always get in touch with us using this contact us page. Don’t forget to connect with us on – twitter and facebook so that you will never miss an update.