What Should Your Sewing Accessories Kit Contain?

What Should Your Sewing Accessories Kit Contain?

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Not many of us take care in having all the accessories necessary for a casual sewing project in the kit. So I am writing this to help people know what all their sewing kit must contain. Your sewing machine is not complete without these accessories.

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Let me start with sewing scissors. There are many types of scissors that are meant for different purposes, so you should take care while choosing a good scissor. It is the basic accessory when it comes to sewing and spending some quality time to find the right one is always a good thing to do.

First decide on the quality never go for cheaper and non-durable scissors, you will want to pick something that can last for years to come.

If you are unsure on what to choose then ask people who are involved in sewing they might help you or else look for some good forums and post your questions there. You will get a lot of experienced people replying to your post with some tips that will come handy.

Or plan a visit to the nearest sewing store and ask the seller’s which one would be good for your needs. Tell them why you need them and your level of sewing experience, they will definitely assist in picking a good scissor.

Do you know about the types of scissors available and why they are used?

Every process in sewing requires you to use a separate set of scissors that are meant to make the job easier. Shears, general scissors, applique scissors, snips are the commonly used types of scissors. Let me brief each one of these for easy understanding.

Snips, these are small scissors used to cut unwanted threads hanging out of the fabric. It is useful when you finish stitching and want to get rid of those loose threads to give a perfect finish to the garment.

Shears, generally largest of all kinds of scissors they are generally used to cut big chunks of fabrics.

Then comes the applique scissor, as the name suggests it is used while doing any applique related job. The shape is quite different compared to other types of scissors and it can be easily identified. Check the image below.

Zig zag or pinking scissors, these are used to give that zig zag cut without additional work.

Sewing Needles

There are different types of sewing needles also which are meant for a specific purpose. They are used for embroidery, applique, quilting, beading works and many more applications. So decide for what purpose you are going to use them and get only those types of needles.


You cannot neglect them. They have to be chosen appropriately because if a wrong type of thread is used for your project then it might result in unwanted outcome. With so many types of threads available nylon, silk, cotton and the regular threads – it is worth knowing when to use them. Having all these threads in your sewing kit is always going to help.

Tape measure

One can’t miss this. Whether you want to measure in centimeters or in inches they are there for you.

Seam rippers.

No one is perfect and it applies to sewing also. When you do a wrong stitch or have got a better idea after stitching then removing the stitch is burden, this is where seam ripper comes into act. They can be used to easily remove seams in no time, a must have tool in your sewing accessories kit.

Marking pencil or pens.

Don’t have to explain what they do but it is a basic item to include in your kit.


They come in different shapes and sizes. Modern day ruler’s are transparent and don’t slip when you place it on a fabric which is what one needs while working on a sewing project. A ruler along with a rotary cutter and cutting mat would complete the sewing accessories list. These materials would be sufficient enough for all the basic sewing project works. 🙂

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