Getting to Know Quilting With a Demo

Getting to Know Quilting With a Demo

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A few years back I was completely unaware of the term quilting and after knowing it, everything seems very easy. I just have to use my creativity to produce wonderful quilts that are a delight to see. Actually quilting is entirely a different context when compared to sewing.

Quilting is done with the help of a sewing machine or with hand sewing it all goes with individual choices. There is one more terminology called patchwork that people are getting confused and assume that quilting and patchwork are same. But in reality they are not.

Patchwork is an art of combining different pieces of cloth or fabric, each of different colors and shapes into one piece. Whereas quilting involves sewing multiple layers together with a batting or wadding layer in between that gives the cushion feel effect.

The top layer usually consists of patch-worked fabric or a plain cloth which can then be stitched with whatever designs you want on them.

There are different ways to quilt and mastering any one form at a time is the perfect way to be called an excellent quilter.

If you are just starting out then here is a video that demonstrates how to quilt a tube.

It makes a good hobby for stay at home people.


I will keep it short and brief this up fast. It has thousands of years of history. First evolved in the ancient Egyptian civilization and also in China. Some of the quilting techniques have been found to be used to keep the soldiers warm. But the modern day quilts were developed as the climate started getting colder.

Since then quilting has undergone many transformation and reached every continent out there. Each of these countries have made their own contribution to the art.

In one way the industries all over the world have added their own designs and adopted different quilting patterns from across the globe. The end result is an eye catching quilt that are now being used in houses for decorative purposes.The fascinating fact nowadays is that have hundreds of years of history are now being sold at a huge price. There are people who collect these antique quilts to add to their collections.

Quilting and patchwork has grown into a huge industry today and every year exhibitions are organized to encourage people to learn and discuss the developments in this area. There are many magazines today that are solely dedicated for covering news related to quilting. You can just make a quick search to find one if interested to know what is happening in the industry right now.

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